GDP Monitor SOTF Accessory (2008-2010 Powerstroke 6.4L)

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Brand: GDP

We all like options, and that’s why we are giving you one that’s more than drilling a hole and mounting a switch. Our GDP Monitor SOTF Accessory is the new way to adjust your trucks’ tune levels on the fly. Utilizing our original GDP Monitor, we developed an app that will communicate with our stand-alone OBDII dongle & SOTF wire to give you control while you drive. It’s as simple as clicking on the app, deciding which tune level you want, and pressing that option on the screen.

PLEASE NOTE: With this setup, you are required to switch between your Ez Lynk Wifi Connection (gauges, tune profiles, etc.) and SOTF Accessory Wifi Connection (power levels) in order to make changes.

Make From Year To Year Model Sub
Ford 2008 2010 F250 -
Ford 2008 2010 F650 -


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