Fuel Filter Magnet Industrial Injection

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If Lubrication Were Perfect, Nothing Would Ever Wear Out. Normal wear generates tiny steel particles that remain suspended in oil. These particles are so small they pass through the most advanced oil filtration systems.

When the oil circulates back into the engine, these same particles are carried into every lubricated space. This particle laden oil will continue to lubricate, but it will also cause an exponential increase in wear while it circulates. The longer oil remains in the system, the greater the wear.

Filter Mag extracts normal, wear causing, steel particles from oil with its powerful, focused, magnetic field technology.

These particles are permanently trapped on the inside wall of the filter and are thrown away when you change the filter. Slide the Mag Shield off the old filter; snap it onto a new one and it goes right back to work protecting your engine.

FilterMag's multi-patented technologies have been shown to reduce wear, increase reliability, lower maintenance costs, and extend engine life by 30 percent, 60 percent or more.

What Causes Engine Wear?

  • Particle-induced wear is greatest when the particle sizes are in the same range as the oil film thickness.
  • Clearances are constantly changing under load.
  • The smallest particles cause the most wear.

Does Your Oil Filter Protect Critical Engine Components?

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