Excites Pure Metal Polish Industrial Injection

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Excites Pure Metal Polish.  ustomer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in building our business. A smart consumer knows what to look for and we know that a product that is packaged and sealed insures the consumer they can be sure the product is reliable.

Just think would you take a drink from a bottle of milk, or any other product if the safety cap had been removed before you bought it? Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in building our business.

The same goes for your polishing and detailing products!

Our exclusive Heat Seal feature guarantees you the consumer that we will deliver a product that is not tampered with or altered (thinned out etc.) when you remove the cap be sure the Heat Seal is intact, if not contact your dealer!

Just imagine how it will compliment you and the look you desire.


  • All Metals, aluminum, fiberglass, plastics, etc.

Look how easy it is to do the job Right!


  • Shake thoroughly once and a light shake before each time you apply it to cloth.
  • Apply a small amount to a palm size cloth, and gently rub on the surface in a back and forth motion.
  • Watch and see the shine blast through the black residue.
  • Fold a clean cloth and buff off (Do Not Rub) to a brilliant shine.

A seal protectant that cleans, polishes, removes surface rust, oxidation, water spots, and leaves no fingerprints.

Polishing Tips:

  • Caring for billet aluminum, chrome, or fine metals use only Extra-soft polishing cloths.
  • Do not use on other surfaces unless you are a professional detailer.
  • This product will not Damage most clear coats.
  • Manufacturer liability limited to replacement of product or refund if not completely satisfied with Excites pure metal polish.

The Seal under the cap insures, you the consumer, that this product is not thinned out or tampered with.

Caution: Keep out of the Reach of Children

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