Dodge Freeze Plug Side Plate For 89-02 Cummins Industrial Injection

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Cummins 12V 24V and 4BT Freeze Plug Side Plate Industrial Injection is the leading distributor, supplier and remanufacturer of diesel fuel systems, turbochargers, and engines.

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Freeze Plug Side Plate

  • Fits 6B 12 Valve, 98-2002 24 Valve, and 4BT engines

Please Read:
This kit includes a high temperature Viton o-ring, care must be taken not to cut or damage the o-ring. The freeze plug bore must be cleaned with a wire brush or emery cloth to remove all rust and scale.

The freeze plug bore must have a small chamfer to allow for the o-ring to compress for a tight seal. Use motor oil to lube the o-ring and freeze plug bore, then carefully install the freeze plug by hand being careful not to cut the o-ring. Do not use a hammer! the plug should slip in with hand pressure only.

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 11.00 x 5.00 x 3.00 in
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Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Make From Year To Year Model Sub
Dodge 1994 2002 Ram 2500 -
Dodge 1994 2002 Ram 3500 -


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