2022 Superduty Party Pack

$6,742.24 CAD

Ships within 24-48 hours. Pickup available upon request.
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Unleash your 2022 Superduty with everything you need to have SOTF and Trans tuning. 

This kit includes

*Unlocked ECM (LC3Z12A650KANP)

*0-200HP SOTF tuning (DSLRT-100624)

*Transmission Tuning (DSLRT-100624)

*GDP Commander With 8 Credits (GDPCOMM1001)

*SOTF Switch With Bracket (GDP210025, GDP22002)

And full support done remotely by us.


All we need you to do is order your package, have a Windows laptop ready and when you receive our package we'll do the rest for you on Team Viewer.

Make From Year To Year Model Sub
Ford 2022 2024 F250 -
Ford 2022 2024 F350 -


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