NOZZLE SET 6.7L CUMMINS CR 60HP-180HP - DODGE 2007.5-2018

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High-performance common rail (CR) nozzles supporting 60hp up to 180hp, 33% to 93% over. OE quality and extrude honed for increased flow and atomization.

  • Extruded honed OE quality nozzles
  • 60hp up to 180hp, 33% to 93% over
  • No warranty available on this product unless there is documented proof nozzles were installed by a reputable fuel shop with proper common rail injection test benches and flow matched. If this is the case the warranty will be 30-days, 90-days if done at BD/VFI. Increased fuel pressure will void the warranty.
  • Not for sale on licensed California vehicles
  • Qualified technician and equipment required