BD Diesel 6.7L Powerstroke Screamer Turbo 2015-2019 F250/F350 & 2017-2019 F450/F550

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The drop-in, stock-appearing Screamer turbo for the later model Ford 6.7L Powerstroke utilizes modern turbo technology that delivers increased airflow without compromising on low end response. Boost pressure can be increased to improve horsepower potential. The Powerstroke Screamer turbo works with any "box" tuner and further improvements achieved with custom tuning.

  • 64.0mm Billet compressor wheel
  • Custom mixed flow turbine (MFT) wheel with a large 65mm exducer
  • Drop-in stock-appearing turbo
  • Increased airflow without compromising on low end drivability
  • Large 65mm “mixed flow” turbine wheel increases turbine flow and retains efficiency
  • More boost, lower drive pressure, and lower EGT’s
  • No tuning required and does not set engine codes
  • Up to 81lb/min of airflow
  • VSR high speed balanced
  • 5 Hours 6 Minutes
  • 12-Months
  • 2015 pick-up trucks require an updated OE coolant tube FC3Z-9U469-B
  • Cab & Chassis models require an emissions compliant engine calibration
  • Not for sale on licensed California vehicles